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Rocky Auto - Carbon Hakosuka

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Rocky Auto's Carbon Hakosuka is dead sexy. Regardless of the fact that the car is currently in its latter stages of completion, it's still a diamond in the rough that exudes fierceness.

At first sight, the gray, carbon fiber body automobile is reminiscent of the RB30-powered carbon S30, but upon closer inspection, it is clear that Rocky Auto's owner Watanabe has outsmarted us once again. Instead of going for the status quo appearance of the 2000 GT-R look, Watanabe has outfitted the Hakosuka with a carbon-vinyl coating. From its countless bits and pieces to the bumper-less front fascia, viewers can see Watanabe's tenacity to his chosen colorway. The car's revamped appearance gives an air of modernity and sophistication that is appropriately flattering.

Among the cool details that fans can geek out about, there are the prohibitively expensive dry-carbon fender mirrors from 09 Racing, a carbon fiber C-pillar air outlets, the Pirelli tires, an increased horsepower due to the Tomei-Powered camshafts, and a full, stainless steel exhaust system to make that baby purr all night long. If you're experiencing high levels of elation, we're right there with you.

via: Speed Hunters