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Nike Football - "Calvin & Johnson" Campaign | Featuring Sean "Diddy" Combs

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Meet Calvin Johnson, also known as "Calvin" in Nike Football's latest campaign and one of NFL's hardest working man. Then there hip-hop mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs, also know as "Johnson" in the campaign, a celebrity with boundless appetite for food, wine, and women… With "Johnson" there to soak up the flash, glam, and fame, "Calvin" can go about doing what he does best - smashing NFL records with robot-like execution. No wonder former teammate Roy Williams nicknamed him "Megatron."

A interesting twist on the fame game, Calvin Johnson added "The concept is a lot of fun because I get to play myself – tunnel-visioned, focused and handling my business while ‘Johnson’ deals with everything else,” about the video. Meanwhile, for Diddy, it was all about something he's too familiar with. “My role as Johnson is to play Calvin’s alter-ego, handling all of his distractions so that he can focus on getting faster, scoring touchdowns and winning” said Combs. Created by Wieden+Kennedy and directed by Stacy Wall of Imperial Woodpecker, check out the new "Calvin & Johnson" video from Nike Football below. and see the real No. 81 Calvin Johnson in action as the Detroit Lions take on the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday, September 8th.