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Lexus NF-NX Concept

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If our preview of the upcoming Audi Quattro Concept got your blood pumping and your heart racing, then you may want to sit down for this Lexus NF-NX Concept unless you might get dizzy. Lexus has just taken the cover off of this strikingly sharp-looking NF-NX concept, which the brand plans to use as a preview of what is in-store for their compact crossover market. From the tip of the car, you'll notice an aggressive, diamond-shaped mesh grille with sharp headlamps that blend back into rounded wheel arches. Wrapping around to the back of the bespoke Brushed Metal Silver paint scheme, boomerang taillights increase visibility and add an almost Batman-esque feel to the otherwise luxury brand. Inside, a dark grey look is contrasted by an unexpectedly cheery "Sunrise Yellow" leather and blue instrument panel lighting scheme, giving the cabin an entirely different vibe than those standing outside. Technical and performance specs haven't been released, but we do know that it comes with a new version of Lexus' hybrid power plant. Until we hear more from Lexus on this Concept with a split personality, we'll just have to sustain ourselves with the additional preview shots after the jump.