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Swatch Random Ghost SUOK111 Watch

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Among aficionados, you may hear that every watch is unique; developing a mechanical sense that is unlike any other. But, Swatch's latest creation, the Random Ghost SUOK111 Watch is, in fact, seriously unique. Every part of the movement inside is colored in a random way, which, when assembled, creates a design and look that is effectively different than any other SUOK111 Watch out there. Even the preview images we have, which include an entirely transparent dial and bezel, is just an idea of what your own Ghost can look like. Okay, so keen readers may have already figured out there there are ultimately only 15,120 possible dial arrangements, but what are the chances you'll run into even a small fraction of fellow owners? Visually interesting, mechanically sound, and stylistically versatile--what else could you ask for out of a timepiece? A good sticker price? Swatch has got that, too. It's on sale now for $75 via Swatch.