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KILLSPENCER – Leather Speaker Cases for MINI JAMBOX

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You may have already heard about Jawbone's Jambox. Seriously, you've probably heard the crazy sound this little device can pump out. This 9-ounce Mini Jambox provides a loud and clear, wireless sound despite its size, which is small enough to throw into a backpack, slide into your pocket, or - now thanks to KILLSPENCER - carry in this nifty Leather Speaker Case. Available in Chocolate Pebbled leather, Natural Oil-tanned leather, or black nylon with leather accents, this hand crafted case is the perfect accessory to help protect your device while still letting you listen to your music. Each case is lined with soft Alcantara to project the Jambox and comes with KILLSPENCER's proprietary Sound Screen Technology to help the sound play through the case. You can get yours now via KILLSPENCER for $179.