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Keurig - Campbell's Soup K-Cups Coming Soon


As if the Keurig coffee maker wasn't already a necessary domestic machine in our lives, Campbell's new Soup K-Cups just gave us a reason to utilize the device's magic for lunch time as well as breakfast.

In less than it takes to sync your iPhone, the Keurig (created by the Green Mountain company) can churn out a K-cup of broth to be poured over Campbell's package of dried veggies and noodles. The on-the-go meals will be marketed towards young professionals (read: college students that can't be bothered to boil a pot of water) and will come in three varieties, including Chicken Broth and Noodle.

In addition to the flash bowls of soup, the Keurig's self-cleaning function means 1) users won't have to worry about the aftermath, and 2) no chicken-flavored coffee (unless that's what secretly turns you on). Hey, we won't judge.