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Shwood for Mercedes-Benz Collection

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If you want to take a bit of that classic Mercedes-Benz style and luxury with you once you step out of your ride, you may want to check out Shwood's latest sunglasses collection. Crafted from the same wooden dashboard of the all new 2014 MB S-Class, the Shwood for Mercedes-Benz Collection sunglasses are just the latest innovation for a brand known for their ability to turn pretty much anything wooden into awesome shades. The Oregon-based company was inspired by the upcoming New York Fashion Week and the sunglasses will debut during the event, but you can also pre-order them now in Shwood's most popular frame styles. In addition to the MB styles, Shwood has also slipped in a stone model, made from a thin veneer of slate over birch wood for a decidedly nouveau vibe. Expect luxury prices, however, with each pair available for $595 from the Shwood site.