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Nike Free Hyperfeel - "The Art + Science of Feeling" by Emrah Gonulkirmaz

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Spoken like a true genius, it was Albert Einstein that said, "The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious - the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.” Having died in 1955, it is dubiously possible that he could have foreseen the renaissance of creativity present in the year 2013. Yet somehow his words resonate with such surreal accuracy in such pioneering creations such as the iPhone 5 S, the computer generated Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro, and more specifically with the excellently engineered Nike Free Hyperfeel.

Inspired by the supernatural performance experienced with the Nike Free Hyperfeel, director and motion designer Emrah Gonulkirmaz decided to translate the exact sensory exploration into a thrilling, 75-second video entitled "The Art + Science of Feeling".

“I have always been fascinated with the development of digital landscapes informed from insights taken from nature,” said Gonulkirmaz. “This is my exploration into running with Nike Free Hyperfeel, manipulating the statistical data from the peaks and troughs of the run—from quick bursts of speed, to a lulling rest and an all­?out sprint finish and bringing it to life graphically."

To create the theatrical translation of an athletic performance, Gonulkirmaz collected data from runners using the Nike + Running App and the Nike + FuelBand. What you see in the video below is a complex, three-dimensional organism emulating the form and movement of the human body during natural movement. What at first begins as a single thread (an allusion to the Nike Flyknit's construction) soon explodes into waves of reverberating, neon-green fibers dancing against an onyx black screen.

From beginning to end, the work displays a captivating artistic understanding of a sensory overload.