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LOSERS – Fall/Winter 2013 Sneakers Collection

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Prior to last year, this Japanese footwear brand wasn't even a blip on the worldwide sneaker atlas. Now, after a successful Fall 2012 sneaker debut followed by an equally exciting Spring/Summer 2013 line-up, it's safe to say that the LOSERS brand's own name couldn't be further from reality. Lead by Japanese designer Sneaker Wolf, the preview of the upcoming Fall/Winter 2013 collection begins with a teaser of a few models that look to be as enigmatic as the man himself. Featuring metallic silhouettes alongside traditional fabrics like corduroy, this collection is set to make a statement, even if its not as deeply historical as their use of a shade of grey linked back to Japan's Edo period where only the elite could wear colorful patterns. Young, old, rich, poor; everyone should be excited about this collection, which is set for a worldwide release this October. Until then, enjoy plenty of preview shots after the click.