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Nike Air Python Retro - The Snake is Back


The Python is back. What else do we need to say? Actually, there's a lot to talk about as this is a very exciting re-release after almost 26 years since its first debut. The shoe has a blend of both old school and new elements that should satisfy both age groups, drawing in those who already like the Air Jordan and Nike Air Force 2 (from which this model borrows its components), but who are confident enough to rock a Nike without a Swoosh. Instead, the facade displays a lux, glittery snakeskin wrapping around the heel and on the midpanel and running up the tongue. Otherwise, a white full-grain leather upper builds out the shoe while you have the option of a Silver and a Brown serpentine gleam. The Nike Air Python 2013 Retro White/Silver will launch this September while the White/Brown in October. Stay tuned for more on these.