Chrome Industries - City Series: Berlin Bag Collection


The Chrome brand was formed in Boulder, Colorado back in 1996 by a group of cyclists who - honestly - thought that the bags out there just didn't make the cut. So, unlike the rest of the world who just deals with it, they decided to do something about it, forming Chrome and setting out to find the best materials, designs, and production methods they could to make some pretty incredible bags. Their latest product line continues their City Series with a trip to Germany's largest city, Berlin, with a two part Bag Collection. As usual, Chrome approaches the task with a functional lean, ensuring everything has a purpose and a place, but both the Yalta Rolltop and the Citizen Messenger still end up being a fashion statement. The exteriors are water-resistant "felted" polyester and are made to feel like a wool army blanket with embossed suede and zippered external pockets. The colorway, which aligns with Berlin's nickname of the "Grey City" is complemented with a lederhosen-inspired material. Find them both now via their online store. Prost!