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Nike SB - Aeroloft Kampai Jacket

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Nike SB - Aeroloft Kampai Jacket - 0

In this case, the "SB" initials isn't about skateboarding but its winter counterpart, snowboarding. Introducing the Nike SB Aeroloft Kampai Jacket, a modular outerwear/apparel system created for optimal thermal regulation without the added weight, or in plain English - keep you toasty without the weight of a Yeti on your back.

First debuted a month ago as the Nike Aeroloft 800 Running Vest, the Aeroloft System actually utilizes the body's movement to become a "heat pump," expelling warmed air and taking in fresh ones through laser-cut holes between the insulation layers.

Essentially two apparel system in one, the internal Aeroloft liner works "double time" to balance moisture, temperature, and breathability. Its airy 800-fill down insulation traps the right amount of warmth while the micro perforations let out excess heat and vapor. Just the opposite, the jacket's exterior tech shell is capable of taking the brunt of Mother Nature. Made of 12 denier polyester, it is waterproof yet with enough articulation around the shoulder blades and sleeves for comfort. Again, designated ventilation zippers in key areas allow breathability. Design considerations even gone to the off-center zip chin-guard as a way to minimize rider's goggles from fogging up.

The Nike Snowboarding Aeroloft Kampai Jacket in now available at, select Nike retail locations, and stores with Nike Snowboarding account.