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SBTG Sneaker Customization Workshop - Classroom 1

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Although Mr. and Mrs. Sabotage are taking a self-imposed break from their sneaker customization business for a few years to focus more on their design and art, it's understandably hard for them to completely stay away. Instead of just keeping the designing and crafting to themselves, however, the pair decided to kick-off a series of SBTG Sneaker Customization Workshops, which began this past Sunday. The classes give a select group of students - both sneakerheads and other designers - a chance to learn the "crucial basics of sneaker customization" from some of the best in the game. During the workshop, key fundamentals were demonstrated, including preparing a shoe, applying a base layer of paint to leather, and how to use stencils to create logos and artwork. There's a short video after the click running over the agenda of the day as well as what the student designers came up with. If you want to sign-up for a course yourself, there's another coming up on October 20, 2013 in Singapore. Head to their site or Facebook page to learn more.