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Richard Kern x ADDICT Photographic Series

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ADDICT Clothing's photographic series is getting hazier by the day, but we're not complaining. As referred to by this sexiness here, the English brand aims to continue its photographic series of guest artist t-shirts with New York based photographer and filmmaker Richard Kern.

Kern's raw and unfiltered images were inspired by his cannibis-filled past, a period of time which seems like the tipping point of creativity for many an artist. “I spent a lot of time with my friends smoking pot, listening to music, running around in the woods and sometimes swimming naked. Back then, when I was around a naked girl, weed was either about to be smoked or had been smoked,” says the photographer.

Lauded for his exhibitions at MOMA, The Whitney Museum, and more than 30 solo shows around the world, Kern's designs for Addict make for an impressive study on the darker sides of human nature. Although the subjects are naked to begin with, Kern's uncanny ability to break down their walls captures a moment of fragility, vulnerability, and even empowerment on women's faces that cannot be dismissed. Kern is refashioning the representation of the female libido, literally.

Available via the Addict online shop.