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"Danielle" - Aging Time-lapse Portrait By Anthony Cerniello | Video

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Static image just does not do justice to this very well-executed and intriguing time-lapse video by Anthony Cerniello. With over 9000 likes and 300 comments on Vimeo in just a week, Danielle is a masterpiece capturing the aging process of humans from a child to a grand mother. It might be best to watch the five-minute video first, but if you want to know the process, then please read on. Firstly, the portrait is not of a single person, but a wide variety of family members that looked alike. Cerniello took still portraits of each person, and digitally morphed them to show the process of aging. He got a helping hand from Nathan Meier, Edmund Earle, and George Cudy to perform the convincing animation work. Press play below and watch the full video.

via: PetaPixel