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Flux Chairs

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In ancient Greece, the philosopher Plato found himself obsessed with furniture and its form. “When we see a particular chair for the first time, how do we know it is a chair?” he wondered, racking his brain day after day in search of an answer. It’s a good thing he isn’t alive now because the chair that we’ve discovered poses itself as a giant envelope before showing its true purpose.

Dubbed the Flux Chair by Flux Furniture, this shapeshifting, handy-dandy domestic good was inspired by paper artists (like Richard Sweeney) and their intricate yet strong sculptures made out of a flat piece of material. Ergo, the Flux Chair mimics that concept by being made out of one sheet of sustainable polypropylene. And to make things more lively, the chair comes in eight vibrant colors such as red, orange, and yellow.

The best thing about the Flux Chair is that no tools are necessary for assembly (but Flux-Chair-Guy Tom will happily walk you through it in three easy steps if you get confused). We predict you’ll be fluxing in no time.