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Jean Jullien - "La Plage" at Beach London Gallery

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It looks like the multi-talented French artist Jean Jullien had a lot of fun creating his latest collection of prints for the Beach London Gallery (we counted at least four comical manifestations of the male libido). Based on the hilarious and embarrassing stories that occur when people are naked on the shore, Jullien has tapped into a kind of humor that inherently comes with such unbridled circumstances.

"When you think about it, it's a pretty odd environment in terms of social boundaries," Jullien observes. "Yet everyone is as free as a bird."

The two-dimensional prints are minimalistic and colorful in character, hence making the artist's jokes that much more clever. "I love the beach for how minimal it is; sand, sea, sky and skin. It's very soft and yet very colorful, so it was important for me to try to explore that graphically." From tan lines to butt cracks, Jullien doesn't hold back in mocking our human fallacies in true artistic form. Each scene is wholly relatable-- and accurate, too! Come on. Try to look at the image of the lady peeing in the water without thinking to yourself, "I've done that." The pieces just go to show that no matter how hard we try to be perfect, our imperfections always seem to prove otherwise, and that's just plain ol' funny.

Artist Jean Jullien's "La Plage" show will run until September 29th (Sunday) at the Beach London Gallery.