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Reebok Classic Reserve Collection - History of Its 90's Technology

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Reebok underwent a tremendous paradigm shift during the 1980's, which saw the brand turn from its traditional marketing and design strategy that centered on their UK heritage and high quality style and focus more on the bold, brash personality expected from footwear in the United States. The '90's was when the brand truly hit their stride in the sneaker world, introducing us to a slew of innovative technologies, including PUMP, HEXALITE, and ERS. One of these innovations, HEXALITE, will be the highlight of their latest Reebok Classic Reserve Collection that is comprised of three key models, the Ventilator, Sole-Trainer, and the Inferno, all of which showcase the light honeycomb design. For this run, Reebok presents the Ventilator in two classic, seasonal colorways, including the Lime OG and Pink OG. Both models will be limited in number and are currently available at select Reebok retailers. See more of the silhouette that helped turn Reebok from regional player to an international juggernaut of innovation after the click.