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Nissan Restoration Club Restoring Safari Rally Z

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With its long body, fast-back rear, and 2393cc OHC inline-6 engine, the Nissan Safari Rally Z dominated not only the road, but also the rally races during it short, but sweet run in the early 1970's. Ever since its founding in 2006, the Nissan Restoration Club has made it a habit to bring back classic Nissan cars back to life and this Fairlady Z (aka Datsun 240Z) is prime for the picking. Led by a 60-member strong volunteer army from Nissan's R&D department, this dedicated group's sole mission is to use their free time to see Nissan's historic racecars fully operational again, with the Rally Z on-tap to be fully operational again by December 2013. This is just the latest in a long-line of successful projects, which includes the 1964 Skyline racecar and 1947 Tama electric vehicle. Until then see pictures of the Safari Rally Z as well as the 1972 Fairlady 240Z in all their original glory after the click.