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Table Connect - 60" Multi Touch Table for the iPhone

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Your eyes getting tired from looking at your small iPhone screen? Having trouble sending a text with that little Galaxy keyboard? Want to share something with your buds or coworkers you have saved on your iPad? Whatever the reason, Table Connect turns your mobile device into a 60 inch table, complete with the same multi-touch movements (swipe, pinch, scroll) as the handheld versions. The project has been in the works for several years now, but the final prototype is now nearing completion and is looking for funding support on indiegogo. The system works by connecting your iPhone, Android, or tablet with TableConnect, giving you a screen that is 100 times bigger to play games, give presentations, or play music through its full HD LED, anti-glare surface. In addition, Table Connect can use HDMI, Bluetooth, and Wifi to offer you full connectivity across all of your platforms. Learn more from the team after the jump and head to their support page to see how you can get behind this project.