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Steve Jobs’ 30-Year-Old Time Capsule - Found & Uncovered

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"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Steve Jobs left a time capsule?!" Yup, indeed, he did. Leave it to the late Apple CEO to posthumously draw attention to a treasure chest of sundry items buried for over thirty years in an Aspen, Colorado field. According to reports posted on September 20th, George Wyant and Tim Saylor (the hosts of the National Geographic Channel show Diggers) had a slightly difficult time unearthing the giant, 13-foot long cylindrical case due to a significant re-landscaping of the field. It is said that the team ended up digging two massive holes in the ground before stumbling upon the exact location.

And what exactly did Wyant and Saylor find? Hundreds of things, including name tags, journals, and beer for the successful diggers (Jobs must have foreseen the challenge that the hunt would pose). But the most important treasure turned out to be the Lisa mouse that Jobs used during his presentation at the 1983 International Design Conference in Aspen. As hardcore as he was in life, underneath it all, the chum was just a sentimentalist at heart.