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Luke Brooks - Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

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If there's one designer worth knowing this upcoming season, it's West Londoner Luke Brooks. The shrewd twenty-seven-year-old has proven his skills with his Central Saint Martins master’s graduate collection featuring the aesthetics of a Dr. Seuss movie fashioned with a bit of colorful yarn and string. The project won the lad Central Saint Martins' top accolade for the Class of 2012, which is very impressive given that the university is known for having harnessed the talents of Stella McCartney, Lee Alexander McQueen, and Phoebe Philo.

For his Fall/Winter 2013 Collection, the designer decided to take the industrial-grade Tyvek textile (a paper-like synthetic fabric with a soft underside) and imprint, of all things, etchings of gravestones from cemeteries in Maine using black crayons and a healthy amount of elbow grease.

"The construction of the collection was about how to best project this idea of the memory of these departed bodies in relation to the living wearer,” says Brooks.

The hauntingly beautiful pieces exude an air of vulnerability, fragility, and soul that tie together the contrast of life and death-- a rare concept to find in fashion, but fully appreciated nonetheless.