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Marvel x MEDICOM TOY - Venom BE@RBRICK 100% + 400%

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MEDICOM TOY is mining the voluminous Marvel universe for its latest spate of BE@RBRICK figures. We've already seen 100% and 400% versions of an iconic Marvel antihero in the guise of the uncanny X-Men's Wolverine, and now we get a look at a full-fledged Marvel villain in the form of a 100% and 400% Venom BE@RBRICK. The arch nemesis of everyone's favorite web slinger, Venom is rendered here in his trademark black and white coloring. The prehensile tongue is missing, but a ghoulish grin exposes the character's razor sharp fangs. Available in 100% and 400% editions, the MEDICOM TOY Venom BE@RBRICK is in stock at the project 1/6 online store.