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Marvel x MEDICOM TOY - Wolverine BE@RBRICK 100% + 400%

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As fierce and masculine as the Wolverine character is in the Marvel catalog, his aggressiveness is lost in translation when he is transformed into a MEDICOM TOY BE@RBRICK. Ironically, these Wolverine BE@RBRICK figures would surely make the most dedicated Wolverine fans out there chuckle, and for a good reason. From the drawn-on muscles on the chest, arms and legs, to its potbelly-like bulging stomach, these toys are bound to put a smile on your face. Lastly, Wolverine's frown might just be an indication that he is not happy with his bear ears. Whether you are a fan of Wolverine figures or a die-hard BE@RBRICK collector, get your hands on these toys from project 1/6 online shop in Japan.