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3D Monopoly New York Edition by Charles Fazzino

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Game time just got real. Introducing the 3D Monopoly New York Edition by Charles Fazzino, the world-renowned pop culture 3D artist. Fazzino's 30-year-plus experience with mixed media, glue, crystals, and embellishments has prepared him for this ultimate project, which features a 2-inch deep wood game board, a tempered glass top, and enough crystals and foil accents to make Damien Hirst's "For the Love of God" skull look like child's play.

On top of bedazzling the plane, Fazzino has designed six custom New York City-themed pewter MONOPOLY® tokens, revamped the paper money, Title Deed, Chance and Community Chest cards, refashioned the houses, hotels, and banker's tray out of wood, and inscribed his John Hancock in every fancy edition.

No, you may not be Jay-Z and actually own everything, but if a wholesome game of Monopoly on an iced-out game board by Charles Fazzino can satisfy your craving for power over NYC, then we fully grant you permission to buy up Park Place and shout, "To hell with the price, 'cause the money ain't a thang!"