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Breaking Bad - Props and Vehicles Auction

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Want to wear Walter's whitey-tighties? Want to take a ride in his wagon? How about own one of his HazMat suits? Well, each of these and plenty more are going up for auction from the soon-to-be-ending AMC series, Breaking Bad, which has completely changed TV and the idea of just how popular an anti-hero can be. Managed by, the auction will begin selling props beginning September 29, the day after the final episode is set to air, with a wide-range of starting bids, including $1,000 for the 1989 Jeep Wagoneer and $10 for the DEA mug and duffel bags used by Walt. Pretty much everything is up for sale, which you can browse through here ahead of the auction, except for Walt's RV - that's off the table. The auction itself will run through October 8 so there's more than enough time to scrape together some cash.