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Jordan Letterman Jacket - Holiday 2013 | Preview

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To give visitors a better sense of how Jordan Brand products will look against an everyday backdrop, designers converted parts of the Jordan Brand Showroom into an actual home. Finished with bedrooms and a "sunken" living room arrangement--even a front door--with goods from Jordan Holiday 2013 Collection strewn about, the showcase isn't just a place for buyers to place orders but a quiet moment where each item can be seen closely, such as this Jordan Letterman Jacket for Holiday 2013. Known by a multitude of names, including Varsity Jacket and Nike's own designation of Destroyer Jacket, this new outerwear design includes many of the common Letterman Jacket signatures, like the Melton Wool construct and satin lining. There are unique differences as well, including an all-leather yoke around the shoulders, a feature perhaps inspired by motorcycle jackets and Michael Jordan's love of motorcycle racing.

As with all other items in the Jordan Brand Holiday 2013 Collection, the new Jordan Letterman Jacket will be in stores worldwide in the coming months.

Photography by: Freshness