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Stussy Deluxe x Master-Piece (MSPC) - Fall/Winter 2013 Bag Collection

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Since their first partnership many years ago, Stussy Deluxe and Master-Piece are back again for their sixth installment this Fall/Winter 2013 season. Renowned for their quality and function, this Osaka-based company has produced four items this time around. Stussy Deluxe decided to create the bags in corduroy material on the outer, taking influence from traditional winter garments. The collaboration project is made up of a Camo Cord backpack, Camo Cord waist pouch, Camo Cord pouch, and leather key chains, all coordinated in black and brown tones. To finish off, a faint camouflage pattern was printed on top of the corduroy, modernizing the classic fabric. Expect to see these items in select Stussy Japan stores beginning this Saturday, September 28.