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Starter - The Return of the Classic Satin Jacket

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A few decades ago, you either had a Starter jacket or you were working hard to get one. Representing teams from across all the professional leagues, the Classic Satin Jacket was the way to rep your hometown squad, but it quickly earned cross-over appeal as a must-have for trendsetters and rappers. The cut and the style has slowly been making its return over the last year, riding the wave of retro releases remaking the streetwear scene, with the Brooklyn Nets Varsity Jacket, the Super Bowl XLVII, and the Old School/New School Collection as recent successes even after 35 years. Now, the Starter Jacket is ready to transform the industry yet again with the return of a string of NBA, NFL, and MLB Satin Jackets with the same classic team accents and button-down front. Look for all of these now at major sports retailers and