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Audi S5 Tuned By Senner Tuning

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Senner Tuning is taking on another Audi project, working on the RS5 to give it an incredible power increase to go with it's intimidating look. As with some of their recent projects, Senner decided to equip the Audi S5 with an upgraded 3-liter TFSI engine, allowing you to hit 430-hp and 370 ft-lb of torque, up from the 333-hp stock, and finally max out on speed since they removed the electronic speed limiter. Senner also lowered its profile with coilover struts and a set of 20-inch Work VS-XX wheels with a matte black colorway, which look mean when combined with a new honeycomb mesh grill, "flash red" carbon fiber accents, and a new rear spoiler. Inside, modifications weren't as extensive, but the colorway continues with carbon fiber trim and two-tone Nappa leather seats. Rounding out the entire experience, Senner can also help you with purchasing the new Audi S5 in addition to handling the make-over for a complete one-stop shopping experience.