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Breaking Bad - Limited Edtion "Walter White" Prints | By Ty Mattson

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With the very last episode of Breaking Bad set to air this Sunday, BB fans, including myself, are riding quite the emotional roller coaster.  While we're greatly anticipating the finale and the fates of our favorite characters, we're also saddened to see one of the greatest TV shows ever come to an end. With that said, graphic artist Ty Mattson has released four limited edition prints featuring the show's main character, Walter White.  The four prints are representations of "Mr.White" and the various personas he's under taken during the show.  From simple chemistry teacher, to meth cook, drug kingpin, and finally to an outlaw, Mattson covers WW's character timeline perfectly.  Each print features two-color silkscreens printed on 100lb French paper which are all hand numbered and signed by Mattson himself.  With these prints adorning our walls, the legacy of Mr. White wont soon be forgotten.  All four prints can be pre-ordered right here.