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KENZO x Google Nexus 7 Pochette

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When dressing for our 21st Century times, here are some basic rules to follow: 1) Tailor your clothes to according to your silhouette because saggy and baggy can often times translate to plain sloppy; 2) Sub dress shoes for Jordans when trying to infuse more swag; and 3) If you're going to own any high-tech gadgets, make sure it's outfitted to look as sexy as you are.

Designed by the creative geniuses, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, this limited-edition KENZO pochette for the Google Nexus 7 resembles the KENZO Fall/Winter 2013 collection of ethnic ribbons and tedious patterns. Fancying the electronic's cleverly integrated Google features, Lim and Leon found their collaboration with team Nexus to be a welcome match. “I think it was exciting for Nexus because they have never partnered with a fashion brand," explains Lim.

The KENZO x Google Nexus 7 Pochette drops today on KENZO's online shop, so act fast.