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Koenigsegg - "The Making of a Million-Dollar Hypercar…" | Video

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Even in the rarefied world of hypercars, where 100 mph is actually too slow, the brand Koenigsegg stands apart from the rest. With an acceleration of 0 to 200 mph in just 17.68 seconds and a retail prices set between $1.5 to $5.3 million dollars each, these rockets from Sweden have also won the humorous title of receiving the "Fastest Speeding Ticket" in the U.S. after a Koenigsegg CCR was clocked doing 242 mph in 75 mph zone. While the brand has been around for the last 20 years, it only produced around 100 vehicles thus far, or an average of 5 cars per year.

For the upcoming issue of Bloomberg Businessweek and Bloomberg TV, reporters Joel Weber and Josh Dean give us a rare inside look at Koenigsegg production facility within a former Swedish Air Force Base, the symbolic nature of the "Ghost" marking on its hood, and an interview with founder Christian von Koenigsegg. The story also hints at the preliminary specs on the new Koenigsegg One:1, which is capable of 0 to 248 mph in just 20 seconds, faster than the BUGATTI Veyron...

via: Bloomberg Businessweek