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Nike x Doernbecher Freestyle – Air Jordan Retro 10 & Tee | By Daniel Pena

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Michael Jordan fan,12-year-old Daniel Pena, in his own words, "kind of freaked out" when he learned that we he would have a chance to design his own Air Jordan. His dream is now a reality as his Air Jordan 10 is set to release November 9th as part of the Doernbecher Freestyle Collection. Daniel suffers from hemophilia, a rare bleeding disorder in which the blood doesn't clot normally, which forces him to compete in different sports so he can stay active. His desire to overcome and pursue his athletic dreams is what inspired his design which is aptly nicknamed "Reinvention". Daniel's Jordan features a predominantly black upper with an aggressive red line pattern,  a glossy camo print, a nod to Daniel's love of video games, a clear outsole, which is a first on a Air Jordan X, a tire tread pattern on the pattern which represents BMX riding days, and a custom "DP" logo.

One of seven designs from the 2013 Nike Doernbecher Freestyle Program, the Nike x Doernbecher Freestyle - Air Jordan 10 by Daniel Pena will be available in the coming months, with all sale proceeds to benefit OHSUDoernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon.

Daniel Pena, 12
Daniel is a huge Michael Jordan fan, with an encyclopedic knowledge of every game, every comeback, and every shoe released throughout Jordan’s illustrious career. So when it was confirmed that he’d be designing a Jordan shoe for the collection, Daniel said, “I kind of freaked out.” Like Jordan, Daniel has reinvented himself as an athlete again and again. Because his hemophilia causes problems in his ankle, he frequently changes up his sports so that he can continue to compete. Daniel’s shoe, the Nike Air Jordan Retro 10 is also a story of reinvention. It features a slew of first-ever features, like a modified logo that’s customized just for Daniel. It’s also the first time you’ll ever see a clear outsole on the Jordan Retro 10. The stealthy upper sports a glossy camo print that’s inspired by Daniel’s love of video games. And in a nod to his days riding the BMX circuit, a tire tread races down the heel and straight into the sockliner.