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Nike x Doernbecher Freestyle – Zoom Stefan Janoski & AW77 Crew | By Ross Hathaway

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Ross Hathaway is a natural athlete. Not only is the 11-year-old a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, he also can pull some rad move on his skateboard, including a clean landing from a Frontside 180. So it comes as a surprise that Hathaway is living with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disorder which affects the lungs. But don’t expect Hathaway to stay away from the dojo or his local skate park. The avid sportsman created a special Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski, matching AW77 Crew and Nike SB cap just so he can roll with members of the Nike SB Team. Finished with embroidered purple and blue accents on a black backdrop, all in reference to the crystals within Hathaway’s rock collection, the special Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski features an icy blue outsole with outlines of two lungs. Screen-print of a pixelated rose in 65 blocks lined the shoe’s interior, hint at “65 Roses,” an easier way for children to pronounce “cystic fibrosis,” along with numerous palm trees for Hathaway’s love of tropical places.

One of seven designs from the 2013 Nike Doernbecher Freestyle Program, the Nike x Doernbecher Freestyle – Zoom Stefan Janoski & AW77 Crew by Ross Hathaway will be available in the coming months, with all sale proceeds to benefit OHSUDoernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon.


Ross Hathaway, 11

Not only can Ross land a 180 on his skis and pull some pretty cool moves on his skateboard, he even has black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Pretty impressive for any kid—especially impressive for one who has lived with cystic fibrosis since he was in kindergarten. But instead of letting it slow him down, Ross and his family have thrown their energy into raising money for cystic fybrosis research. Now Ross is excited to share his passion and story with a far larger market—one that’s going to be clamoring for his Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski skate shoe. He says he carefully considered his audience when coming up with the design. “As a skater, I thought a lot about how it would look against the board,” he explained. The result is a shoe that Janoski himself would be proud to roll in. The uppers feature dimensional pops of color inspired by the crystals in Ross’ rock collection. You’ll find a pair of lungs on the outsole; inside, a digital rose is a nod to 65 Roses, (which is what some kids call their disease since it’s easier to pronounce.) And just for good measure, Ross threw a couple of palm trees around the logo to reflect his love of tropical places.