IKEA - Solar Panels to Be Sold in All UK Locations


IKEA is embarking on a new milestone in the green energy market with plans to sell solar panels at all of its British locations. With the United Kingdom already implementing subsidies for environmentally green energy resources, it only makes sense that IKEA, the world’s biggest furniture retailer, include solar panels to its wide range of home appliances.

Expect all of Britain’s 17 IKEA stores to stock the photovoltaic (PV) systems within the next 10 months, thus helping the country to reach its intended targets to cut carbon emissions overall.

Kudos to IKEA and Britain for taking responsibility for the earth's well-being. In the words of the great fictional character Captain Planet, "The power is yours!" (and in the words of Captain Planet played by Don Cheadle, "Turn off the faucet between usages and recycle those plastics or else -- I'll turn you into fucking a tree. I'm Captain Planet, mothafucka."