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Jay Leno's Garage - Batman's Tumbler | Video

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Jay Leno's Garage - Batman's Tumbler | Video - 0

In the years since late night talk show host Jay Leno started his Jay Leno's Garage video series, the program is now a must-visit pit-stop for any and all wheeled creations. Most recently, Leno and his staffs played host to the Batman's Tumbler from director Chris Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy. A cross between a car and tank, or as Leno described it to be an "urban assault vehicle," the Tumbler is no mere movie prop but an actual working machine with a Chevrolet ZZ3 Small Block (or a GM 500-horsepower 5.7 liter V8 engine). Built and customized completely from the ground up, it took a team of experienced car builder a year to complete. A total of seven were made, but only one is available for public viewing and/or special events while the rest are now in storage back in England.

Check out the video below as Leno takes this beast around the block and who knows, it may just show up on your rear view mirror.