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Nitro Headquarters in San Francisco | By Design Blitz

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For the employees at Nitro Headquarters in San Francisco, weekdays are fun-days. The act of finding solutions to incorporate e-documents into people's daily lives requires routine as well as improvised skills-- the latter of which is a bit tricky to cultivate in the standard, mundane, and sterile corporate office.

Understanding this problem, the architectural firm Design Blitz worked its magic to create a colorful workspace of fresh and funky elements to imbue the Australian folk tradition of “larrikinism" (read: irreverence) into each corner: In place of a reception desk, there's a fully-functional bar with taps and under-counter refrigerators; and a geometric canopy near the entrance is clad in reclaimed wine barrel staves and welcomes guests to happy hour every day. (Woo hoo!)

Apparently snagging down thought bubbles requires an ambiance of graphics, flying wombats, and lighthearted graffiti art arranged in good taste and paired with an appropriate mix of wooden chairs and tables. So far, nothing but positive feedback has been heard from the diverse and constantly growing team of engineering, marketing, sales, business development, and G+A personnel, so the fun-filled mix must be working.

The Nitro Headquarters just goes to show that in order to live in a more innovative world of tomorrow, it takes a healthy amount of play-working to get there.