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Roger Clark Motorsport - The Gobstopper 2

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The lineage behind Roger Clark Motorsport is an impressive one, founded by the namesake who is known as possibly one of the greatest rally car drivers of all time. Spanning four decades, his achievements and work would take pages to describe, with the most notable coming with his victory at the 1972 RAC Rally of Great Britain. Now, here in 2013, over forty years later, his sons Matt and Olly Clark now lead the business creating quite possibly the world's ultimate Impreza, the Gobstopper 2. A logical question would lead you to ask about its predecessor, the original Gobstopper, which was actually a GC8 Impreza that debuted in 2005 and immediately shot to the top of its game on the track, quarter mile, and top speed events. As with the rest of the industry, RCM continues to move on, innovate, and grow, deciding to work on this GS2 in 2008. It has pre-preg carbon fiber body, which wraps around the cage that forms its skeleton. Under the hood, it has a 2-liter Subaru EJ20 engine that is completely rebuilt and updated  and motivated with a Garett hybrid 4094 turbo. Despite its aggressive look and power, the GS2 is actually the mechanical incarnation of love from the RCM team, with every part becoming members of the family. It's just that, in this case, this is the child that no one wants to mess with.

via: speedhunters