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Instagram Bringing Ads to Users' Feeds

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C'mom, guys, we all knew it was just a matter of time before our Instagram feeds showcasing our friends' meals, wedding photos, new buys, and general amateur photography wasn't going to stay blissfully ad-free forever. Well, here's the news then: Instagram announced on Wednesday that they will begin delivering ads to user's feeds over the next couple of months as a way to grow its revenues, building on the platform that owner Facebook has already built. They'll do their best - so they claim - to make sure that any ads you see will flow and fit in with the shots and videos you already have, much like those found in magazines. One feature that will at least give us a bit of satisfaction is that users will be able to block ads they don't like and they will be even be able to give Instagram feedback on the ads that show or even declare a preference for type. So, it's still a kick to you-know-where, but at least they let you tell them how much it hurts.