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Banksy Converts New York Delivery Truck Into Mobile Garden | "Better Out Than In" Exhibit

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Not limiting himself or his art at only one location, Banksy converted an everyday delivery truck into a hidden, mobile garden of sort for his month-long "Better Out Than In" outdoor exhibition across New York City. According to the comical, snarky audio guide read over the phone, the truck is just a run-in-the-mill 1992 GMC truck with its cargo space hallowed out to fit faux terrarium featuring a 22-gallon waterfall, sunset, and "butterflies duck-taped to a fan"…

The resourceful UK graffiti artist first unveiled the truck at Lower East Side on Saturday and will be on display from a different location around New York City every evening at dusk. For the audio commentary, please dial 1-800-656-4271 and then the number 3 on your phone.