Pendleton x Ural - 2013 Gaucho Rambler Limited Edition


The only legitimate way to ride down the street on a three-wheeled motorcycle, Pendleton partners with Russian manufacturer Ural on a Limited Edition Gaucho Rambler to celebrate over 150 years of weaving textiles in America. Drawing the best from both brands, the Rambler features a Pacific Blue color - a nod to Pendleton's locale - along with a sunburnt canvas upholstery and a "Journey West" blanket. In addition to the sidecar, the Gaucho is fitted with a passenger windscreen, a spare tire, luggage rack, and a GSI Outdoors camp kit to accompany you free spirits out into the wilderness. Technical specs includes a 4-stroke twin-cylinder engine with 38 ft-lbs of torque and a max cruising speed of 65mph. Only 50 of these bikes will be built, with a price-tag of $14,350, helping to pass along the pioneering spirit shared by both brands. Learn more about the special project here and see more angles after the click.