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BRANDBLACK - New Performance Athletic Footwear and Apparel Label

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In a market already saturated with mammoth oligopolies like Nike, adidas Group, and Under Armour, new comer BRANDBLACK is confident it can make a dent on this once-impenetrable sphere of influence. Not based on naivete or arrogance but on confidence, this new athletic footwear and apparel label is actually a new project by David Raysse, an industry insider with 15 years of experiences. The former director of adidas Basketball division, Raysse was also the lead designer at FILA and the person responsible for the FILA Grant Hill II. Seeing how he can alter the general direction of where the current trend is going, Raysse is determine to introduce a new sportswear brand and concept that challenge conventionalism for performance footwear and apparel. First previewed during PROJECT Las Vegas back in August, BRANDBLACK officially unveils its footwear collection on November 12th, 2013, with a full performance apparel line launching in Spring 2014. Expect more information to come soon…