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Kanye West's Appearance On The Jimmy Kimmel Show

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Kayne West's appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show last night was the culmination of over two weeks of Twitter-based jabs between the two, resulting in a segment that was a bit out of the ordinary for the usual Kimmel-heavy interviews where comedy prevails over substance. The spat - which Kimmel ended up calling "his first rap feud" - began when Kimmel chose to reenact portions of West's BBC Radio 1 interview with the help of kids, as we covered previously, resulting in a flurry of responses and low-blows from West. Like many celebrity exchanges, there was a lot of speculation that it was all fake, but with Kimmel's questions touching on West's reputation for being a jerk, to West's view that Kim K needs a Star on the Walk of Fame, and his general view on fame, it was clear that what played out on the web not only was legitimate, but is also now behind them. Thanks to a heavy dose of restraint from Kimmel combined with West's general long-winded replies, Kimmel's musical guest, Arctic Monkeys, didn't even get a chance to perform. If you happened to miss the interview, you can find both parts of it in their entirety after the click.

Part 1

Part 2

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