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Garmin D2 Pilot Watch

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As its name suggests, the D2 Pilot Watch from Garmin is made specifically for pilots, seemingly fitting an entire cockpit's worth of instrumentation and data into a relatively sleek design. For starters, there's an extensive pre-loaded airport database, along with a number of features to guide the wearer to the chosen landing site. You can load a flight plan and monitor your position on a moving map displayed on a small monochrome screen. You can monitor your levels using an altimeter with adjustable barometer settings, along with a digital compass equipped with HSI (horizontal situation indicator). The D2 also connects with Garmin's stable of other products, like its Pilot App and VIRB action camera. Last but not least, you can use it as a watch, featuring displays with multiple time zones with Zulu/UTC reference. The Garmin D2 Pilot Watch is available now directly from Garmin.