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Bruno Mars - "Gorilla" Featuring Frieda Pinto | Music Video

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Warning: Bruno Mars' newest single "Gorilla" off of his latest album "Unorthodox Jukebox" comes with a hot and steamy music video on his Facebook page that will tempt you to have sex. There are scenes that show Bruno Mars engaging in a raunchy hook up in the backseat with his secret lover (played by actress Frieda Pinto). Don't give in. There are scenes of animalistic chemistry, near nudity, and titillating pole dancing in a strip club called "La Jungla". Fight the feeling. And when you think you've overcome the most erotic scenes yet, "Gorilla" hits you with an über surge of the female libido. If you can control yourself through all that, then you're pretty much a saint because we couldn't do it. Directed by Bruno Mars himself, Cameron Duddy, featuring Frieda Pinto and Luis Guzmán.