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Rapha - City Cycling Guides Books

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The City Cycling Guide Books from Rapha make exploring Europe on two wheels evermore enticing. Especially created for travelers who indulge in a little pedal pushing but find language barriers to be the bane of their existence, these handy guide books keep cyclers in the know regarding bike etiquette, racing, and noteworthy hot spots to pop a wheelie. Along with important knowledge of nearby professional races, amateur events, and group meet-ups, these pretty little things also give suggestions on where to cruise solo (a talent that even the high-tech GPS device lacks).

The series is comprised of eight guidebooks (available via Rapha's online shop) and fit easily into the pockets of all Rapha cycling jerseys. Didn't we say these books were the coolest things ever?

Rapha Cycle Club - New York City
64 Gansevoort Street | Map
New York, NY 10014