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Kid Cudi Tossed Intrusive Fan from Stage During Performance in Houston

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Madness seems to follow Scott Mescudi, best known as Kid Cudi, when he's on stage.  Back in 2010, Cudi was involved in an on stage incident with an out of control fan in Cleveland. More recently, at a recent Houston show, Cudi was once again involved with a rowdy fan. If there's one thing that this video teaches us, it's not to mess with Kid Cudi when he's decked out in a futuristic spacesuit. The man clearly has no time for belligerent savages climbing aboard his ship as he enriches the masses with tales of future galaxies filled with lush kush and Maui Wowie. Check below to see the incident.  While no one was seriously hurt, let the man just do his thing and enjoy his performance.

Image src: ana_rdgz