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Karl Lagerfeld x Shin Tanaka - "KARLxSHIN Paper Toy Mania" Paper Figurines

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Having done everything from sneakers, manga characters, even Emily the Strange, paper toy specialist Shin Tanaka just made his first inroad into high fashion with the one and only Karl Lagerfeld. Known to be a perfectionist himself, Tanaka welcomed the challenge once approval imminent from Lagerfeld & company. With Lagerfeld as the "muse," Tanaka went on to recreate his Glove-y, T-Boy, CHIBBY, and others in the fashion designer's likeness. Slaved over the details, some figures even had Tanaka at an impasse before completion during his 56th attempt. But it was all worth it as guests marveled at each during the exhibition's opening last night. There was Lagerfeld’s signature leather glove, sunglasses, even a paper doppelgänger of his cat Choupette was in the mix too.

The "KARLxSHIN Paper Toy Mania" exhibition is currently on display at the Karl Lagerfeld store in Paris' Saint-Germain neighborhood till October 27th. The show will travel to Berlin next month and elsewhere around the world in the near future. Like all other Shin Tanaka project, you can also take part too. Simply log onto Karl Lagerfeld's Facebook page and register through a special link. From there, a special CHIBBY figure template will be send to you via email. Just print, cut-out, fold, and glue… or check out the brief video below to see how the pro put it together.

Karl Lagerfeld - Saint Germain
194 Boulevard Saint Germain | Map
75007 Paris France

Exhibition Dates: Now - October 27th, 2013 (Sunday)

Images via: WWD