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Pink + Dolphin San Francisco - Store Opening | Event Recap

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The much anticipated Pink + Dolphin San Francisco store opening last Saturday, October 12th, was blazing with energy as an earnest 2,000 fans waited in one long line on Haight Street to get their fix of Cali's freshest urban boutique. The party, which we mentioned a few weeks back, was attended by IAMSU, HBK Gang, Berner, Kool John, P-Lo, Roach Gigz and Jay Ant, all of whom contributed to the synergy of the day's positive event.

The picture below says it all: Having a bro-moment, Pink + Dolphin owners Neima Khaila and Cena Barhaghi pose with their crew for the camera, some in Pink + Dolphin's flyest apparel. With two brick-and-mortar stores, a money-making online shop and a block-party reception at its flagship opening, Pink + Dolphin's first 5 years are straight up legendary.

Pink + Dolphin San Francisco
1431 Haight Street | Map
San Francisco, CA 94102
TEL #: 323-655-0881